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17 May 2006 @ 10:13 pm
nothing consciousness  
This felt suitable to go here. Rough, but interesting:

we live in a broken world. everyone has their own world in their head. this is called the "self." we exist as seperate bodies in a "reality" where all we can grasp are our own, subjective truths.

narcissism is a path that puts the self above everything else, when in truth everyone is a reflection of one another. we're all broken pieces of a broken type of God. we're all part of each other. this is why at our core we feel an emptiness. this is why we need others. it's because we are only shards of the truth. it's because our self is just a shard of all the other selves on this earth.

in order to go beyond our limiting, self-oriented world, we must destroy our seperate consciousnesses and instead form one formless, dynamic consciousness that is akin to being "nothing."

i do not mean nothing in a negative sense. as far as can be amounted, there is always "something." but when this "something" cannot know it is "anything" then it's in essence "nothing." without consciousness, we still exist, but we aren't aware of this existence. we are simply one with existence.

by destroying the barrier of our "selves" and becoming a part of ultimate reality, we can become whole again. we'll lose our consciousness and our concept of "self," but we will no longer feel anything except oneness.

our entire lives is a search for this type of "nothing consciousness" that i speak of. when we make love, we're becoming unaware of our consciousness by uniting with the opposite sex of our species. this allows us to feel more whole because our concept of "self" is lessened. we try to escape reality, but we can never escape it, because by being seperate entities we cannot escape. the only way to escape forever is to become one again. to become a "nothing consciousness."

death is a type of "nothing consciousness." however, there is a greater "nothing consciousness" which must be achieved. and it can only be achieved when mankind further grasps ultimate reality. until then, we will continue living in a broken world with broken selves feeling unwhole. we'll continue trying to satisfy our emptiness in all methods possible until the ultimate method is found. until that time, we'll wait for when we'll be something more than human. we'll wait until we find how to transcend our flesh and bone and the self inside this form, and become formless again, as we were once before. and when this happens, we'll become one human God.

you musn't fear death. you must accept it. you must accept that your self is only a reflection of everyone else's self. you must accept that it is ephemeral and will one day be gone. you musn't take your higher consciousness for granted. you must be willing to accept your mortality. you must be willing to let go of your self and the reflections you saw of your self in others which made you love them. it's only then that you can live a free life and feel as much "nothing consciousness" in your life as is possible.
(Anonymous) on October 22nd, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
That's why you make love? Okay, yeah, I guess putting it that way can make it seem more noble than it is. Possibly necessary to have that connection, otherwise it is just meaningless. But who does that anymore? and when is that connection ever shared?
(Anonymous) on October 22nd, 2006 09:43 pm (UTC)
Just because something doesn't know it is anything, doesn't mean that isn't. Because 'all you could ever want or be is all you already have and are.'~ I <3 Huckabees And I agree what you say about needing others. Listening is important. Sometimes others know better than we do the best use of our talents.