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Being and Nothingness... but mostly Nothingness
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This is a philosophy community dedicated specifically to the ontological concept (or, if you prefer, nonconcept) of Nothingness. Discussion may include traditional ontological topics, but concentration on Nothingness is encouraged.

Is there substance in the abyss? Is nonexistence a sensible, coherent, meaningful concept? Is Nothingness nothing more than an empty placeholder against which Being is set in order to balance an ontological paradigm?

As opposed to ontology in the conventional sense of the term, our aim here is to touch the heart of that which is not Being, if there is such a thing-- if such a thing can be informally called or treated as a thing and analyzed as such. If it cannot, we should also explore other avenues of analysis, reflection and contemplation-- avenues that lend themselves to understanding that which, strictly speaking, by admission and definition, does not even exist to be discussed.

We may fail completely at any direct comprehension of Nothingness-- direct comprehension may not, by the nature of the topic, be possible. This is why discussion of traditional ontology is also useful: it is possible that the only meaningful conclusions we can derive concerning Nothingness may necessarily regard its relationship to Being.